CVE Numbering Authority (CNA)

Pentraze Cybersecurity, the first-ever CNA from the Dominican Republic, and the sole CVE Numbering Authority across Central America and the Caribbean.

What is a CVE?

CVE, short for "Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures," is a system for identifying and tracking vulnerabilities in software and hardware. Each vulnerability is given a unique CVE identifier (e.g., "CVE-YYYY-NNNN") for easy reference and public disclosure. This system is essential for communication among security professionals, researchers, vendors, and the public, providing standardized descriptions, severity assessments, affected versions, and solutions for each vulnerability.

What is a CNA?

A CNA stands for "CVE Numbering Authority." CNAs are organizations or entities authorized by the CVE Program to assign CVE identifiers to newly discovered vulnerabilities and to publish corresponding information in the CVE system.

CNAs play a crucial role in the CVE process by acting as the initial point of contact for vulnerabilities discovered within their scope. They are responsible for assigning CVE identifiers to these vulnerabilities and ensuring that accurate and relevant information is added to the CVE entries.

Pentraze Cybersecurity is proudly the first-ever CNA (CVE Numbering Authority) from Dominican Republic and the only CNA in Central America and the Caribbean. Thanks to our team of cybersecurity experts, we can contribute to the community by identifying, correctly disclosing reported vulnerabilities, and assigning CVE IDs.


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