Red Team Exercises

Simulate and emulate advanced cyber attacks to pinpoint vulnerabilities and test your organization's defense mechanisms, ensuring robust resilience against real-world threats.

Adversary Emulation

Practical imitation of the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of real-world threat actors to assess and improve the security of a system or network. This involves engaging in the same procedures and cyberattacks known Advanced Persistence Threats (APTs) use to test an organization's security and challenge defensive and detective capabilities.

Adversary Simulation

Focuses on simulating known threat actors and adversaries’ behavior through various exercises and scenarios to evaluate a system's security posture, aimed at assessing readiness and capabilities through tabletop exercises, red teaming playbooks, and frequent evaluation of score cards and performance improvement metrics.


Penetration Testing

Proactive assessment using tactics, techniques, and procedures of actual attackers to identify security flaws, incorrect configurations, and vulnerabilities.

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Application Security Testing

Comprehensive application protection, ensuring robust security throughout the entire software development lifecycle.

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Vulnerability Management

Proactive process to identify, prioritize, and address security vulnerabilities in systems and software, enhancing an organization's defense against evolving cyber threats.

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