Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Last Updated: November 22, 2023


Pentraze Cybersecurity (hereafter “Pentraze”) is dedicated to responsibly identifying and reporting security vulnerabilities in products and services not owned or managed by Pentraze. This document outlines our procedure for reporting such vulnerabilities.

Policy Statement

This policy provides a standardized procedure for reporting vulnerabilities to non-Pentraze vendors, ensuring transparency and fairness in all our communications.

Process for Reporting Vulnerabilities

When Pentraze identifies a security issue in a third-party vendor’s product or service, the following steps are taken:

  • Initial Vendor Contact (Day 0)
    • Reach out to the vendor to inform them of the vulnerability.
    • Assign a CVE ID if the vendor is not a registered CNA.
    • Log the vendor’s name and the report date on Pentraze’s vulnerability tracking platform.
  • Follow-Up Communication (Day 7)
    • Send a second notification if there’s no acknowledgment from the vendor.
    • Notification of Impending Disclosure (Day 45).
    • Send a courtesy reminder to the vendor, including the planned report release date.
  • Final Reminder (Day 60)
    • Send a last reminder if the vendor remains unresponsive or communication ceases.
  • Disclosure (Day 90)
    • Publish a comprehensive report on Pentraze’s vulnerability tracking website.
    • In cases where the vendor releases a patch or mitigation before Day 90, the report will be published immediately after the vendor’s release.
    • Request CVE publication from MITRE.

Coordinated Disclosure

Pentraze is committed to working with vendors to adjust the timeline if they are actively developing a patch or mitigation solution. The 90-day period may be extended under special circumstances to accommodate the development of effective solutions.

Contact for Vulnerability Reporting


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